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About Jennifer

About Jennifer

Jennifer Marshall is an attorney who deals with the emotionally charged worlds of family and criminal court matters. It doesn’t matter if the case involves a divorce, child support, custody or a civil union. If you need an attorney who will listen and fight for you, Jennifer Marshall is the attorney for the job.
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The Law Office of Jennifer L Marshall, LLC represents clients in the following areas:
Criminal law, Sex Offenses, Weapons Offenses, Drug Offenses, Juvenile Crimes, DUI/DWI, Traffic Offenses, Municipal Court, Municipal Appeals, Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Emancipation & Civil Unions.
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About Jennifer


“As a result of Jennifer Marshall’s research and development of my case, we were able to achieve the best outcome. I greatly appreciate her work, professionalism and dedication to my case. Great job and thank you again!” — Luke
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Jennifer Marshall Law offers two convenient New Jersey offices in Piscataway and Bridgewater. If you are interested in speaking about your case, please call or use our contact form to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. Evening and weekend hours available upon request.
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It does not matter the size of the case. Jennifer Marshall Law handles municipal court matters and felony cases. She strives to get her clients lives back under control with results.


Municipal Appeals In New Jersey, “I Need To Vacate My Conviction Or Guilty Plea”

If you feel you were wrongfully convicted, rushed to trial or a plea, or had ineffective assistance of counsel you can appeal to the superior court.  Many people who appear in municipal court for the first time really do not listen to the judge when he gives his speech inRead the Rest…

New Jersey Attorney Who Handles Restraining Orders and Assault Charges

As an attorney it is not uncommon for me to get phone calls from people who have to appear in Superior Court to deal with a restraining order and Municipal/Superior Court to deal with an assault charge.  It is a very stressful process especially if you are the defendant.  RestrainingRead the Rest…

Arias Defense Team Files Motion For Juror Twitter Accounts

In a twist I did not see coming Jodi Arias’ defense team files a motion for all juror twitter accounts.  It appears that juror 17 was tweeting about the trial and viewing twitter before sentencing phase.  If the defense is successful, this could possibly lead to a retrial on appeal. Read the Rest…