Federal Crime

Most crimes that are committed in the United States are prosecuted under state criminal law. A federal crime, which is an illegal or criminal act under federal law, is prosecuted in federal court. Federal offenses are usually those where the crime committed is against the function of a federal agency. Examples of this include:

  • IRS – tax fraud and tax evasion
  • Federal Benefits – Welfare fraud, faking a disability to receive SSI disability payments, cashing a Social Security check after the beneficiary dies
  • A.T.F – selling untaxed liquor, cigarette smuggling, illegal firearms
  • E.P.A – dumping toxic waste/substances, importation or sale of banned chemicals, harming or killing endangered species
  • D.E.A. – importation of illegal drugs/substances and/or moving them across state lines

There are also portions of criminal law that are considered to be federal crimes because it may impact the entire nation or involve several states.

  • Bank Robbery
  • Using the US Mail for any illegal or criminal purpose
  • Internet child pornography
  • Kidnapping across state lines
  • Harming a postal worker, U.S. mail, or Post Office property
  • Any criminal acts that impact the military

Usually, when a federal crime is committed, you will be notified by the federal agency that you are under investigation. At this early stage, you will need a defense attorney to gather as much information about the case as possible so that they can prepare and explore all possible charges. Your attorney should always be consulted before you decide to cooperate with the investigation. If the next step includes a federal criminal charge/offense, this enables your attorney to provide and purse all avenues of defense.

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