Municipal Court

Disorderly persons offenses, or crimes subject to less severe punishment are heard and determined in municipal court.

At our office, we strive to keep indictable offenses at the municipal court level. To find out how our firm can help you with your municipal court matter give us a call today, 732-377-2005.

There’s a tradeoff involved if you pursue the municipal court option in a case that could be handled in superior court. On the one hand, there is no trial by jury in a municipal court. The judge finds the facts and determines questions of guilt and innocence. On the other hand, your maximum exposure to punishment in any municipal court case is limited to six months of jail, plus any fines, surcharges, restitution or other sanctions.

Our firm has experience and skill in negotiating a favorable outcome for our clients, in courts throughout New Jersey. The options in your case will vary according to the facts, your prior record, and the local practices of the municipal court where your case is pending.

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