Violent Crimes

Domestic Violence • Assault • Murder • Petty Disorderly Persons

At the Law Office of Jennifer L. Marshall, we defend those charged with violent crimes and felonies, call us today 732-377-2005. We commit to ensuring our client’s rights are preserved from the time of arrest to the end of the case. If you have been arrested or charged with assault, murder, fighting, or domestic violence, speak with a criminal defense attorney at the first opportunity in order to present the strongest defense possible.

Fines, jail, and time in federal prisons may follow conviction for a violent crime. Our attorneys have experience in and are prepared to handle a wide range of cases involving assault and other violent crimes, including the following:
• Domestic violence
• Violent juvenile crime
• Petty disorderly persons (Fighting)
• Attempted murder
• Murder
• Assault
• Assault with a deadly weapon (gun crime)
• Possession of a weapon
• Sex crimes

Call us today, 732-377-2005.