Jennifer was a great help in my divorce process. She was able to explain the legality of the steps and processes and guide me to the best course of action. While she defended me for my concerns she helped me to maintain realistic expectations based on wisdom and experience, and alerted me to possible outcomes and circumstances. For what a divorce can be, it was not a bad experience. Thanks Jennifer!

You stood by my side and protected me and with your request to the court, the Judge did take every word you wrote to decide the mitigating circumstances warranted weekends not jail time and I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond in my case. You really care and get involved.  I was treated with dignity and respect and  you made me feel I am important not just a case number. You honestly cared about me, my son, my Mom my family and future. You answered my calls, emails and my constant  questions over and over. We fought a long hard fight we won obtaining the best possible outcome. Cannot thank you enough Jennifer you you did in fact help me to get my life back under control. I highly recommend Jennifer Marshall best experience I’ve had with an attorney!!!- Debi K

Ms. Marshall was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered, I was always able to reach her one way or another. Her professionalism, humanity and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer, simply the best!! Impressive skills and wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done. I would recommend Ms. Marshall to anyone and she will be the first person I contact for any further needs!!– Holly

“I found Jennifer 2 and a half years ago after my wife filed for divorce. We met for a consultation, discussed my options and I hired her. She immediately put me at ease so I could focus on my child and work. I could not have been happier with the outcome. This year when my wife took my son and refused to tell me where he was, I contacted Jennifer as the police stated there was nothing they could do. Jennifer got me in to see her the next day. She offered to handle the custody arrangements between myself and my ex wife. My ex wife decided not to take that option, so I again hired Jennifer to handle the custody. Nothing is more stressful for a parent than the thought of losing your child, especially when the other party is using them for nothing more than a bargaining chip. Jennifer once again put me at ease. She advised me to focus on my son and let her worry about my ex wife and the courts. We worked together and I could not have been happier with my outcome, due in no small part to Jennifer’s knowledge and hard work. She has a client for life!”- Michael

“I found Jennifer after an extensive search of more high profile attorneys. I was impressed and comfortable. Any and all questions were answered swiftly and accurately. Jennifer is professional and knowledgeable. I had no complaints or unanswered questions. I would highly recommend her as a divorce attorney.”- Allison

“Ms. Marshall has done an outstanding job representing me and winning cases within Family and Criminal divisions. I have also recommended her to family/friends who have attained her services and has helped in Family/Criminal/Municipal areas.”- Karen

“Jennifer has been extremely helpful in obtaining custody for myself. She is very genuine and trustworthy. She comes across as someone down to earth, friendly, and especially knowledgeable of the law. So many attorney’s are in it just for the money. Jennifer is not like that. She is honest and won’t overcharge you. She has a passion for helping her clients prevail. She is a straight shooter and won’t deceive you. I feel very grateful to have had Jennifer in my corner through these tough times. Making a good decision is to hire Jennifer because it will lead to positive results for you.”- Jeff

” Ms. Marshall is wonderful lawyer.  She was very upfront and honest with the on-goings of my case.  She made sure I set my expectations relative to the circumstances.  At the end, I was happy with the results and her work.  I greatly appreciated her work.”-Anonymous

” Jennifer Marshall, top notch jurisprudence. Very respectful of client. Skillful court demeanor. Results driven, but more importantly results achieved!” — Steve

“As a result of Jennifer Marshall’s research and development of my case, we were able to achieve the best outcome. I greatly appreciate her work, professionalism and dedication to my case. Great job and thank you again!” — Luke

” I am very pleased with the legal expertise I received when I met Jennifer Marshall.  I was looking to have a very old and embarrassing record expunged. She handled it in a very professional and sensitive manner. Jennifer made me feel comfortable discussing a rather difficult episode of my past and now with the expungement, I feel less pre-occupied with the past.” — Anonymous

” My case went very well. Ms. Marshall, you are a wonderful lawyer. I would be honored to use you again. God bless and thank you.” — Anonymous