If you are paying child support and/or college expenses, you should not expect that these obligations will automatically end. In order for you to stop your support obligations, you must ask a New Jersey Superior Court Judge to emancipate your child by filing a motion for emancipation.

Like many aspects of New Jersey family law, when a child may be emancipated may be difficult to ascertain. While children who are not in college are not automatically emancipated at 18 years old, it is a good starting point. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a good New Jersey emancipation attorney to make sure that the motion is done right the first time, call us today 732-377-2005.

For children that are in college, a child who does not go to school full-time or who graduates college may be emancipated. However, this is also not automatic. Because families are so dynamic, two New Jersey judges may come to two different decisions regarding emancipation on very similar cases. Thus, it is important that you get a tough and aggressive New Jersey attorney to fight on your side.

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