Sex Offenses

Allegations of Rape, Child Molestation or other sex crimes can destroy life as you know it. A mistake or an untruth could cost you your career, your marriage and your good name. As devastating as this can be for the average citizen, it is exacerbated when the person charged is a doctor, lawyer, nurse or accountant. Regardless of your walk of life, an aggressive defense is critical to protecting your future, call us today 732-377-2005.

Rape is viewed as one of the most serious sex offenses, and one conviction can result in a prison sentence which requires the defendant to serve 85% of the sentence (this type of sentencing requirement is imposed by the No Early Release Act). In addition, if you are convicted of one of these types of offenses, you will be subjected to Community Supervision for Life, Sex Offender Registration and other statutory restrictions.

Rape is broken down into several categories, the most serious of which are:

• First degree Rape — which involves using a weapon or threats to force sexual intercourse
• First degree Rape — when the sexual intercourse is forced during the commission of another crime such as a burglary or a robbery
• First degree Rape — also known as statutory rape, is defined as sexual intercourse with a person under the age of consent.
• First degree Rape – When the actor knew or should have known that the victim was physically or mentally incapacitated

Not every attorney will take on these cases. It takes a strong and confident attorney to stand next to an accused in these cases with very sensitive facts.

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