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Do People Really Still Get Served?

Do people really get served?  I was asked this question recently and when I answered it I believe the young man was shocked. Yes, people do still get served with legal documents. I guess it is funny to think it still happens in our high-powered computer world. All kidding aside it happens in civil and criminal courts all the time.  In my practice I try to avoid personal service if possible.

In divorce matters it does not help to have someone walk up to a house and say, “You have been served,” only to find the person you love wants to end your time together.  It rarely helps when you want an amicable divorce to embarrass your partner that way.  In lawsuits personal service is effective because it involves a big company or someone you really do not want to call and say, “Hey I’m suing you.”  In criminal matters, it is better to send someone trained in serving documents especially if you are trying to subpoena a not to friendly witness.

So in short, yes people still get served.  As an attorney I would caution you to avoid personal service in situations where you want these to be amicable.  If you or someone you know has been served or wants to do the serving, give me a call to discuss if it is the right option.