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Does It Make Sense to Retain an Attorney For a Moving Violation?

Motor Vehicle violations can and do, have severe consequences to your driving privileges and ultimate driving costs in NJ. This is because of the Motor Vehicle laws in NJ, the progressive point system and DMV Motor Vehicle points and surcharges to your driving privileges. Most moving violations result in points, fines and increased insurance premiums. Some even result in license suspensions and jail terms.

Prosecutors generally offer to reduce the severity of moving violations if they think that the motorist will be willing to give up his right to a fair trial. An experienced attorney will be able to negotiate a more favorable outcome. When motorists attempt to negotiate with the Prosecutor without the benefit of an attorney, it is very likely that only a minimal reduction will be offered. This is because the Prosecutor knows that the motorist will not go to trial by himself and if he did, he would likely be found guilty.

It is always beneficial to speak with a lawyer, and almost always a good idea to hire a lawyer, when you are charged with an offense, including a traffic violation. Even if you have a spotless record, you can still be effected by a traffic violation and can benefit from representation. It is especially important to speak with a lawyer if you have a prior record of driving offences, and are concerned with keeping your license.

If your driver’s license is important to you speak with someone with years of experience in the NJ Municipal Court System. To know what your legal options are, call the Law office of Jennifer Marshall, Esq., and with our strategy session, begin work on your case today. Protect your license and get experienced legal counsel on your side by calling our office.