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Father Wins Custody of His Child Over Education

Almost everyday I get a call from a client wanting to transfer custody of their child.  Many of them have reasons such as abuse, alienation of a parent or need for stability.  Recently I had a client call me asking to get custody of his son because his ex-wife was not taking him to school or giving him extra help.  Their son ended up staying back in first grade due to her in-actions.

I filed a motion in Middlesex County Superior Court asking that my client be the parent of primary residence.  The parties agreed to do evaluations of their homes.  Months went by before the Court scheduled a Plenary Hearing.  At the hearing both sides took testimony about what was best for their son.  I was able to catch the mother in contradictions and lies.  As a result of my questioning, their son was interviewed by the Court.

The court asked for closing arguments, which were submitted.  Another month went by before the Court sent its decision.  The Court found my client credible and the mother not credible.  My client was named parent of primary residence.

Sometimes patience is all that is needed to obtain the result you want from the Court.  With my advocacy my client was able to show the Court he cared about his son’s education and would do anything for him.  Custody battles are never easy, but with the right attorney they can end in happy results. Call us today to find the right attorney for you.