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“Gangster Shot In Groin”

TRENTON — Two convicted drug dealers were victims of gun violence this weekend, though city police believe there might be more to their stories, especially from the gangster who may have shot himself in the groin.

In both cases, the victims were said to be combative and uncooperative with police, and in one, police believe the victim may have shot himself.

The first reported victim was Everett Jerome Davis, who told police he was walking in the area of Girard and Mechanics avenues when an unknown man walked up and shot him in the “groin area.”

The shooting occurred at about 12:37 p.m. Friday, after which Davis walked into Capital Health’s Fuld hospital on his own accord. The 27-year-old, known to police as a high-ranking Bloods gangster, underwent emergency surgery for his “groin” injury, and the medical staff called police.

Davis, according to state records, was released from prison on drug and assault charges in March of last year. He described his attacker only as a black male.

But preliminary findings, police said, indicate Davis’ gunshot wound may have been self-inflicted. It would make him Jersey’s version of former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress, who shot himself in the leg at a New York nightclub and is now serving a prison term.

The second incident took place yesterday at about 3 a.m. in the area of Merchant and Stockton streets.

Police said Ozzia Shakeem Tift, 34, told investigators that he was walking with his wife when an unknown man walked up and shot him in the knee. Police said Tift too was uncooperative with investigators, but that he did say he argued with the suspect prior to the shooting.

Tift also has a lengthy prison record of time served on drug and weapons charges. He was most recently released from prison in July of 2005, according to state records.

Tift underwent surgery to have the bullet removed from his knee, police said, and in both cases, the injuries were not considered life threatening.

Police said Tift described his shooter as a heavyset black male, about 5-foot-5, and said he wore a yellow hooded sweatshirt at the time.

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