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Grand Jury Indictment in Tyler Clementi Case

Well, it was inevitable that someone would be charged in the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi.  Dharun Ravi, 19, was indicted in Middlesex County on 15 counts including bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.  If convicted Ravi could face 5 to 10 years in jail.  There is comment that Ravi has deliberately deleted comments and tweets that point to his guilt.

As a defense attorney, I would have to see the grand jury transcripts and the evidence to draw a conclusion about Ravi’s alleged tampering with evidence.  Of course it goes without saying that Ravi would not have made the papers or become a hated media figure if the facts of the case were different.  The truth is Tyler Clementi’s sexual orientation is the driving force of the prosecution.

As far as we have been told, Ravi has no criminal record and no history of doing this to anyone else.  Two points that will be looked at as mitigating factors.  As member of the public we will never know all of the details without witnessing the trial.  If this case does go to trial I will be sitting in the court room. May true justice win out.

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