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Hey, Let Me Do All The Talking!

Time and time again as a defense attorney, I come across clients who think they should do all the talking.  They feel they need to have meetings with investigators to tell their side or give them information to help their case.

Rarely have I seen a client talk his way out of an indictment or a plea.  More than half of the time, the client only digs a deeper hole.  It is important to remember that your attorney has gone to school for many years to learn how to talk for you.  He/she has relationships with the State and the Court.  Your attorney knows when to talk and when not to talk to protect your interest.

I know there are bad attorneys out there that only hurt their clients by talking.  Those attorneys give the good ones a bad name.  You should never fear your attorney and their actions.  If you do I suggest you find an attorney you are comfortable with.  You should feel secure when your attorney speaks for you.  Remember what you say against your attorney’s advice could cost your freedom. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.