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How Do I Beat a Ticket?

Well, the obvious answer is do not get one at all.  If you are like many people who drive on the roadways, not getting one isn’t an option.  We all fall prey to the police, especially State Troopers.  We know it is only downhill once those lights come on right?  It doesn’t have to be an experience that ends in a ticket.  I have some helpful hints on how to stay ticket free and out of court.

Of course you should always pull over when the police put their lights on.  It is never wise to just drive away because the penalties for eluding the police include jail time.  Pull your car over, let the officer ask your for your license and registration.  Any information the officer really needs can be found on your documentation.  Ask the officer why he or she pulled you over.  It is your right to know.  We all know it is usually the officer who asks you “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  You do not have to answer.  You also do not have to answer any questions concerning where you are going or coming from.  You have every right to ask the officer if you are free to leave.

I know what I am telling you seems very confrontational, but it is true under the law.

Many of use know that some officers will just give us the ticket and go or let us off with a warning.  But what do you do if the officer will not do either one?  Many officers like to keep asking questions to get us to say something that they can use for probable cause to search our car or give them more time to look inside our car for “evidence”.  Never reach for anything in your car without permission and never leave anything out that an officer could smell or see in plain view.  Such actions can amount to probable cause.

If an officer asks you for permission to search your car, say NO.  The only reason the officer is asking is because he does not have a good enough reason to search your car.  If you say yes, it does not matter how good his reason is, because you gave consent.

Sometimes the officer will search a vehicle no matter what.  Sometimes they get lucky and find something.  Many officers conduct car stops illegally and people never challenge them.  Do not worry, as an attorney I challenge police stops and searches all the time and I know I can win them when the State makes mistakes.

In summary, how do I beat a ticket?  Do not offer more information to an officer than is necessary.  Of course be nice and do not threaten.  Always ask if you are free to go.  Never give your consent to search.  Never leave anything out in plain view or plain smell.  If you find yourself issued a ticket/summons, give me a call.  You have every right to fight your ticket and I am the lawyer on your side. I represent clients in courts throughout New Jersey including Middlesex County, Somerset County, Monmouth County, Essex County and Union County. Call to speak to an attorney today.