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I’m in Jail What Happens Next?

Many people find themselves asking that question everyday.  The best advice I have to offer that helps everyone is to gather as much information as possible.  Start out with trying to find a bail bondsman, if you cannot afford to bail yourself out make sure you know how much your bail is so you can advise your attorney for a bail motion.

Next, start finding yourself a lawyer.  I have represented many clients charged with crimes that were incarcerated.  I give free consultations in all of my criminal cases. I find the following to be the best way to proceed once you have retained counsel.

When you meet with your attorney, try to have all your paperwork with you for the meeting.  If you feel comfortable enough to write out your side of the story do that and give it to your attorney.  Most importantly, if you plan on filing motions and you have retained an attorney, have your attorney file them.  As an attorney there is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to talk to a client and they tell you they filed a motion they wrote themselves.  As attorneys we have the education and experience in motion writing.  Sometimes filing the motion on your own only hurts you, especially if the Court feels it is frivolous.

It is important to know that the sooner you get an attorney involved in your matter, the sooner he/she can start chipping away at the State’s case against you.  Call us today, your rights are too important to wait.