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Is No Relationship A Basis To Stop Child Support

I have many people call my office or come in for consultations and ask that their child support order be stopped due to no relationship with their child.  The facts that cause these questions usually center around child support being paid while the child is in college.  The non-custodial parent is usually not involved in picking the school or speaking to his/her child.  New Jersey courts are not quick to terminate a child support award just because your child does not speak to you.

The courts have only granted a child support termination, where the custodial parent and child actively alienate the non-custodial parent.  When such behavior happens the court’s use termination as a way to punish the child and the custodial parent for such behavior.  If you are experiencing a situation where you feel you are not being allowed into your child’s life and you pay support, call me today to see if termination of your obligation is possible.