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It Is Not Just Argument But How You Write It

You may be asking yourself what do I mean.  I have learned through my practice that arguing motions is not the place most motions are won.  The place to really fight your battle is in the writing.  The first thing a Court sees is the written motion.  And when I say the Court, I mean it is usually the law clerk that sees it first.

He/she does not want to be bored to death.  He/she wants to see the issues clearly as well as the argument points.  It must be a concise advocacy for your side.  No slang or misspellings.  Also, do not be petty in your arguments stick to the meat of the issues.  Do not go putting the other side down every paragraph unless he/she is clearly in violation.  Name calling is never acceptable.

I write the motions for my clients as if I will never get to speak to the Court.  I want to win my client’s motions from the moment the Court reads the motion.  The system is to large and overwhelming and a well written, concise motion is a welcome distraction. Call us today for more information.