The Law Office of Jennifer Marshall, Esq

“It’s a Year for Asylum”

There is more to staying in this country than obtaining a green card.  Many people come to this country because it is all that is left for them to do.  Each and every day people are escaping gangs, shootings, political tyranny, genocide etc…

Once a person arrives in this country illegally, they have a year to apply for asylum.  It is about a 15 page document that asks about how you entered the United States and what was going on in your country that makes it impossible to return.  If a person enters the country and has not applied for asylum within a year they are not out of luck.  The process of filling out the application is the same, but it is just called withholding of removal.  The individual should seek out legal assistance to get this application heard.  An attorney would have to file the application and file a brief explaining the reasons why asylum was not filed within the year.  In addition, a country conditions expert would be hired to explain the climate of the country and why the individual cannot return.

If all goes well, the individual will be granted asylum and continue his/her life here in the United States.  If you or someone you know is interest in asylum or obtaining a green card give me a call.