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Jerry Sandusky Scandal Has Many Victims

I, like many people in New Jersey, have read the grand jury presentment in the case of Jerry Sandusky, the retired Penn State football coach accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with young boys.  The grand jury presentment listed 8 victims of Sandusky that could be identified.  The most shocking fact besides the abuse itself, was the number of people who did nothing about it.

One such individual was beloved coach Joe Paterno, who told his boss of the abuse but did not call the police.  Paterno was fired this Wednesday after it was revealed he did nothing with the knowledge of the abuse.  His inaction cost him a 46 year career as football coach for Penn State.  No charges have been filed yet.

Another individual, Michael McQueary, Penn State football coach, will not take part in Saturday’s game against the University of Nebraska.  The decision was based on mutliple threats he has receive.  McQueary was a central figure in the scandal, because he allegedly witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy in the locker room showers.  McQueary reported the incident to his superiors including Paterno, but the police were never called.

It is almost certain that more names will surface concerning Sandusky.  It a shame that so many talented men must also suffer at the hands of his wrong doing.  If these men did not report what they knew they are just as guilty as Sandusky.  The trial of this case will be long if it occurs.  Many of these victims waiting a long time before coming forward, their credibility will be attacked by the defense.  No matter what the outcome, Penn State will never be the same.

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