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Judge Pleads Guilty To Fixing Tickets

Wanda Molina, the former Chief Judge of the Jersey City Municipal Court, pleaded guilty today to criminal charges for fixing parking tickets.   Molina, pleaded guilty to tampering with public records or information, which is a third-degree offense, and falsifying records, a fourth-degree offense, before Superior Court Judge Harry G. Carroll in Bergen County.  Under the plea agreement the State is recommending a sentence of probation conditioned on her serving 364 days in county jail.  As a result, she is permanently barred from public employment.  Her sentencing is scheduled for August 27, 2010.

During her guilty plea, she admitted to dismissing eight parking tickets that were issued to a close personal companion.  Court Rules prohibit judges from hearing cases if they have any personal interest in them.  She admitted to writing “emergency” on three of the tickets, indicating that there were compelling circumstances to justify the illegal parking.

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