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Michigan Man Charged With Felony Computer Misuse

Can verifying your spouses affair by checking his/her email account be a criminal charge?  Well, Leon Walker is about to find out in his trial on February 7th.  Walker used his wife’s email password to access her Gmail account, where he confirmed her on going affair.

Walker did not hack his wife’s account, but merely used a password he knew to gain access.  The law the way it is written protects an individuals privacy from identity theft.  Walker was using the computer that was a shared family computer.  Passwords were not a secret.  There is no evidence presented that states Walker used the password to steal her identity or misuse her identity.

It will be very interesting to see if Walker will be found guilty of the charge.  If he is, this is an interesting precedent for anyone that shares a computer with someone else.  Are we all committing felonies?  Lets wait and see.

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