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More Tragic News for Rutgers

A 21-year-old Rutgers student was shot in ankle late Tuesday night. It appears it was the result of a drug deal gone bad. The incident occurred along the 100-block of Louis Street in New Brunswick. The student, was not identified, but was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for treatment. The injury was not considered life-threatening. The suspect fled in a black vehicle.

At this time the police are declining to provide additional details about the incident because it is still under investigation. The Police Director Peter Mangarella said his department has seen a “recent increase in crimes involving Rutgers students who are involved with the sale, use and distribution of illegal drugs.” These students are making themselves “more prone to be involved in violent acts.”

There have been other incidents over the past week or so involving Rutgers Students and drugs. Once incident involved an armed robbery of students which is alleged to be drug motivated. With drugs on the rise at the school the crime rate will only increase. Only time will tell what Rutgers is going to do to clean up its campus.

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