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“N.J. Kids with Natzi-Type Names”

Just when you think the family court has seen it all, a custody battle intensifies in Flemington between a couple who gave their children Natzi-inspired names.

Heath and Deborah Campbell’s three small children were removed from their Hunterdon County home last year.  This was after a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for then-3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell.  Deborah Campbell and attorney Pat Giannetta attended a hearing at family court in Hunterdon County on Thursday.  A judge kept a gag order in place, and the parties left through a back door and didn’t discuss the hearing. State child services officials have declined to discuss the case, citing confidentiality laws.

Adolf Hitler Campbell, now 4, and siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 3, and 2-year-old Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell were removed from the Campbell home in January 2009. They have been in foster care since then.

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