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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Codes

I would like to help everyone out there that does not know what the event type codes on their driving abstracts are. Time after time I ask my clients questions like, “how many points do you have on your license?” “have you pled guilty to this offense before?’ About 85% of the time they say I don’t know.

I usually ask my clients to get me a copy of their driving abstract. Many clients try and read it before they bring it to me to review. The abstract can be confusing with all the codes it contains. The answer to the codes can be found on the back of the abstract if it is official. If you have a copy with no writing on the back than you have no cheat sheet to the codes.

Knowing what your abstract says can be a great help when defending cases in municipal court. I have put together a cheat sheet that you can use if you do not have an official copy.

A -Accident
O -Suspension Order
B -Billing
P -Program Activity
C -Conference
R -Restoration
D -Fee Due
S -Scheduled Suspension
E -Reexamination Activity
V -Violation
F -Fee Payment
W -Warning Notice
I -Initial Medical Request
Z -Point Credit
J -Referral
K -Referral with Interval Reporting
L -Limitation
M -Memo Entry
N -Advisory Notice

For municipal court the most important codes are V and R. Violations count as prior offenses and could cause increased penalties. Restoration is important in cases like driving while suspended and a previous violation of driving while suspended could mean jail time. If you have a municipal court case in New Jersey and are unsure of the codes or penalties for violations, give my office a call.