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New York Times Says “It Is Even Harder To Get a Job With a Criminal Record”

As an attorney I am aware that employers conduct background checks on potential employees.  I also know that what a person may find in those records could keep them from hiring someone.  A New York Times article written today gave me even more perspective on how truly harsh the legal system is.

The Times reported that “the pool of Americans seeking jobs includes more people with criminal histories than ever before, a legacy in part of stiffer sentencing and increased enforcement for nonviolent crimes like drug offenses. And each year, more than 700,000 people are released from state and federal prisons, a total that is expected to grow as states try to reduce the fiscal burden of their overcrowded penal institutions.”

With so many men and women walking out the courthouse everyday with criminal records there is no wonder as to why we have an employment crisis in this country.  Many of my clients do not have extensive records, but made one bad decision that will haunt them forever.  Employers should look more closely at a persons record.  He or she should ask the applicant about what happened.  Most of the time the charge had nothing to do with how effective the person would be at their job.

The Times went on to report that “Almost 65 million Americans have some type of criminal record, either for an arrest or a conviction and the figure is probably an underestimate.”  The quoted figure is just a sad reminder of how tough our system is.  As a defense attorney I always try to remind the court and the state that my clients are people.  People who when they leave us, must feed their families and provide shelter.  I also fight the state in making sure my clients do not end up with criminal records.  Sometimes there is no way around having a record, but an attorney can lessen the charge or change the charge so it does not cause a person to lose their job.

If you or someone you know is facing charges that could impact their future, give me a call today.  The call you make could save your future.