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Reducing or Increasing Child Support in New Jersey

Are you currently paying or receiving child support? Are you looking to have child support lowered or raised to accommodate your current financial situation? Well, child support can be reduced or raised based on a change in circumstance.

There are many people who are currently paying too much in child support. People believe they have to continue paying the agreed upon child support no matter what. That is simply not true. Many people are being laid off or fired due to the economy. Many clients come to me looking for a way to reduce child support because they were laid off from their job and have been looking for a job for months. The Courts are aware of the bad economy we are in. If you lose your job and you make less than you did before you can apply for a reduction. The Court considers that a substantial change in circumstances and you can have your support obligation reduced.

To change your support obligation you will need to file a motion. Any loss of a job is not an automatic reduction. Same goes for an increase in support.

I have clients who come to me and say that the person paying child support has had a pay increase or has taken a job that pays more. When child support is initially set it is based on the gross salary of each party. If the person paying has a substantial pay increase from that initial amount, you could ask the Court to increase child support.

As an experienced New Jersey child support attorney I have helped many people reduce and increase child support obligations successfully.

If you think you need an increase or a reduction in your support obligation give me a call today.