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Rutgers Discussions Continue after Tragedy

I have been to two networking events this week and I have had at least 3 people ask me my opinion on what should happen to the accused students.  From the discussions I have had it appears that people are divided on that question.  Some cannot see how video taping an intimate encounter in a dorm room connects to an individual leaping off of a bridge to his death.  The other side says they see clearly how such an action could cause a person great suffering which could lead to a desperate action.

When I asked my questioners if they thought the students should suffer for the rest of their lives, I was met with a unanimous no.  I was told that expelling them would be appropriate or giving them probation.  I was also told anything less than a jail sentence would not be acceptable.  Of course, no one thought the students should go to jail for 3 years.

As for me, I also do not believe these students should spend years behind bars.  I would be okay with a record, probation and expulsion from Rutgers University.  Only time will tell how this story ends.  For now it seems the one good thing is this has brought together people/communities to engage in discussions that were almost non-existent before.

I would be interested to know what you think reader.  What should happen to the two Rutgers students?

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