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Top Five Mistakes During Divorce

As a divorce attorney, my client’s always ask me what they can and cannot do during their divorce.  It is important to remember that the actions you take during the divorce can effect the outcome.  It is important to find an experienced attorney who knows the law and can protect you.

There are five things not to do during divorce:

5-   Do not change the locks on your home. (Even if you want your spouse gone, you cannot lock him or her out)

4-   Do not close out your joint account. (It belongs to both of you and you cannot take the money without Court Order)

3-   Pay all of your household bills. (Keep your water, electrical and roof over your head)

2-   Do not deplete your assets. (Keep the money in your 401K, retirement, stock market accounts.  Do not hide it)

1-   Do not talk badly about your spouse to your children. (It never helps to bad mouth your spouse, alienation can cost you your children)

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