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What Happens at Arraignment?

I cannot count the amount of times my clients ask me what happens at arraignment.  I try my best to settle their nerves and explain that it is not as scary as they work it up to be.  In a nutshell arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal complaint in the presence of the accused to inform him/her of the charges against him or her.  In response to arraignment, the accused is expected to enter a plea, which is either  “guilty” or “not guilty.”  It is very rare that an accused will enter a plea of guilty.

Depending on the court you are in, your attorney will have paperwork to fill out at the arraignment.  I know many of you are intimidated by the courtroom, so I suggest as I do all the time, that you get an attorney, such as myself to represent you.  There are many aspects of the criminal process that are unfamiliar to many people.  A person who is not educated on the law or the process can get lost in the process.

You should always consult an experienced attorney before taking part in the criminal process.  At our office we are available 24 hours 7 days a week to take your call.