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“When Harry Married Sally”

I am sure many of you have seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally”.  It was a magical movie with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.  I’m sure many of you just like myself, never asked what would happen when Harry married Sally?  Even further from our minds was what if Harry decided to divorce Sally?

Marriage is something we plan.  We get the rings, the planner and the preparations.  What we don’t plan on is getting the divorce complaint served on us.  Well what things will come up if we are the unfortunate recipient of a complaint?  First, are there any children involved? If the answer is yes, then who will have custody?  These questions way heavy on who gets or pays child support.

Now if your marriage to Harry was more than 7 years and Harry was the bread-winner, alimony becomes a factor.  Alimony is designed to keep the receiving spouse in the life style they have been accustomed, “status-quo”.  In addition, if Harry and Sally have acquired homes and assets during their marriage, that is going to be divided in equitable distribution.  Even their pensions will be up for grabs.

So what is to come from this short story about a movie?  I want to make it clear that no divorce is easy.  There are many things that are factored in to dissolving a marriage. What I have discussed here is just the tip of the iceberg.   It has many facets, just like preparing for a wedding does.  So, I would tell Harry and Sally, enjoy your married bliss, have children and be merry, but if it all doesn’t work out seek legal counsel.  Because if you wouldn’t plan a wedding without a planner, why get a divorce without a lawyer!

If you or someone you know is getting a divorce or would like to file for divorce, give me a call.  Just ask for Jennifer Marshall, Esq