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Can I Amend My Property Settlement Agreement?

As a Family Law attorney in New Jersey I help people with divorce everyday.  I have spent many hours helping my client’s maneuver through the drafting of a Property Settlement Agreement, which is the culmination of the final terms of their divorce.  Before my client’s take that agreement and begin a new chapter in their lives, I always tell them the agreement can always be changed.

What I suggest may seem counter intuitive given the agreement should be the end of discussions, but if you have children the agreement can be changed.  Even if you do not have children the agreement can be changed.  The agreement could be changed by Court Order after a motion is filed or it could be changed by the parties themselves.

If both parties agree to change one or more terms of their agreement they can.  They just have to draft an Amended Property Settlement Agreement that addresses the changed terms.  They do not have to spend thousands of dollars litigating the terms in court.  I have done Amended Property Settlement Agreements changing child support, custody and even property rights.

If you are thinking of changing a term of your agreement and the other party consents, call me today.  It is better to have things in writing so both parties are protected. Get started today by calling today.