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Judges Can Get Things Wrong

I practice in courts throughout New Jersey.  I frequent counties such as Middlesex, Somerset, Union, Monmouth, Mercer and Essex.  The one thing all of the courts have in common is sometimes the court’s get it wrong.  As an attorney the hardest part of my job is delivering a great argument or having a witness say exactly what I need to make my point, and the Court still rules against me.  It is even harder to then turn to my client and explain what he/she just witnessed.  As a society we are taught that justice always wins out, but sometimes it doesn’t.  Judges are just as human as you and I.  They have their own biases and beliefs concerning the law.

The fact that I practice criminal defense and family law places me right in the trenches emotionally with my clients.  I am just as let down by the Court when I feel it has made the wrong decision.  Of course there is the Appellate Court where a Judge’s decision can be overturned, but even that can take a great deal of time.  The moral of this discussion for me is, not all attorneys care about their clients.  Clients can be seen as a paycheck and not as people.  I pride myself on not being that kind of attorney.  If you need an attorney that cares call me today for a consultation.